Bee Careful

Although the summer is hardly hot and going to press the clouds are gathering and probably rain not far away, we have had several dogs arriving at the clinic with bee stings.The insects are fairly slow with the weather not being too clement and tend to be a very attractive proposition for a curious pup.

Amongst these victims was Harris, a handsome portly terrier, one of our weekly visitors who comes to work with his mum. The first job of the day for Harris is to play outside on the lawn with all the other workforce canines. Last week,  during first play Harris unfortunately decided to chase, snap at and swallow a tubby, slow bumble bee.
His face started to swell so we realised all was not well and the bee had deposited a sting in his mouth......

A swift check on his tongue for swelling in order to confirm his airway was clear plus a search for the sting was carried out by the vet. On occasion the sting can be seen and extracted with tweezers .......a tiny black barb.
Harris was given the appropriate injection which acted as an swift allergy deterrent and appeared non too happy with the oral investigations . However, the jab took effect very quickly and before long he was back outside playing with chums.

Please be aware if your pet is bitten/stung by any insect a call to your vet could be worthwhile. A swollen face and runny eyes could all be indicative of a sting.

Let's hope the sun comes out soon and the bees get along with their own jobs of collecting pollen, making honey and flying off swiftly

Lucky Jake....

Jake, the Golden Retriever, had his 15th birthday a couple of days ago.


He is the happy and contented inhabitant at a friends practice. He is totally in love with the practice manager and lives a life of luxury between her home and the veterinary clinic. He's a lucky lad. The clients also adore him.


"How can we help you today? " the receptionist says.


"Just here to see Jake..." they answer.


Jake arrived at the clinic some five years ago suffering Cushings disease complicated by major food allergies. The owners had been to many vets to no avail. The main problem was that he had uncontrollable bowels and waterworks plus major itching, was gaunt and emaciated. John, the boss of the clinic is a pragmatic vet of the old school whose speciality is allergy.


"We want tablets to fix him or put to sleep please" the owners stated. Jake wagged his tail trustingly. The latter option immediately went out of the window...


So John struck a deal. He would look after Jake for free and the owners could buy him back at for the cost of treatment when he was well.


The Cushing's disease was simply resolved over the next months with traditional therapy .Waterworks also fixed.


Royal Canin heard about the story when they ran a seminar promoting their latest dog food Anallergenic Food. (10 years of research to develop and is probably the best dog food on the market to settle food allergies.)


After 2 months the other problems were resolved and Jake began to thrive.


The owners decided not to have Jake Jake has become the patron of Johns clinic and must be the luckiest dog on the planet.


Diamonds are forever...

A very happy client prepared anniversary meal for her and her husband.  It was to be a big surprise as she though the husband had forgotten the occasion.  Table set, Candles lit, preparation all completed with wonderful aromas in the kitchen.

The Husband arrived home and immediately was aware of the celebratory ambiance.  He also harboured a surprise, a bottle of chilled champagne and a little blue box.  No sooner than the flutes were full, the wife opened the box and found a pair of twinkling diamond earrings.  In her excitement to try them on and juggling her glass of fizz, one of the earrings fell onto the floor.  Within seconds  their handsome pet dog Charlie, had bounded over, sniffed and swallowed the precious jewellery.

One cannot convey the mayhem which ensued!  Fizz forgotten, oven switched off, Charlie was hauled immediately to the vet clinic.  Charlie was his usual, bouncy self and had no idea that his tasty morsel had caused such upheaval.

After induced vomiting and several photos, the diamond was still settled inside... so completely unaware Charlie was on 24 hour watch for any result at the other end!

It took some time, investigation and sterilising before the actual earring was returned to the owner.  She was incredibly relieved, as was her husband.  Charlie completely oblivious to his situation just loved having all the attention of the Vet team.

It was mentioned in passing that perhaps next year the anniversary gift could possibly be a larger object, a car or something not easily swallowed!


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